Tape & Supplies


With various shapes and styles, boxes are a staple to any shipping situation.  Boxes can be made to fit any dimension needed. They can be made double walled for extra protection or you can have handles built in for easy transportation.



Another staple to the shipping world, tape is one of the most standard items used for shipping.  With it's multitude of uses, tape comes in many different sizes, materials, and colors.

Stretch Film

Good for palletizing large shipments, stretch film comes in many different colors and strengths.  Stretch Film can also be used to cover stored items to prevent them from becoming covered in dust.  

Loose Fill

Used for cushioning and to fill the empty spaces in boxes.  Loose Fill is an easy way to add stability to you package.  For information regarding 100% biodegradable packing peanuts click here. 

Janitorial Supplies

We distribute a full line of Janitorial and Maintenance supplies.  To see the entire catalog, Click Here.