Packaging & Janitorial Equipment

The most important part of the shipping process is proper packaging. If your shipment is not prepared and packaged the right way, your shipment could be at risk of damage or worse.  To ensure that our customers have all the tools necessary for their packaging needs, Sabaco offers a wide variety of Packaging Equipment and Supplies.  Packaging equipment, such as tape machines; air pillow machines; case sealers; stretch wrap machines and strapping machines help streamline the packaging process and ensure that your shipment is prepared properly. Sabaco offers packaging equipment for any sized business.  

Tape Machines

Tape machines are the fastest, most efficient way to seal your cartons securely. Reinforced paper tape is dispensed and moistened at the exact size needed to safely seal your packages.  

​Case Sealers

Case sealer machines are great for streamlining the finishing step to preparing a package.  Whether you are using uniform shaped boxes or random shapes and sizes, you can find a case sealer that is right for your business.  Case sealers are great for keeping up with large scale, high capacity, or fast growing operations.

Stretch Wrap Machines

If you need your shipment both secured to a pallet and protected from the elements, then Stretch Wrap is for you.  Stretch Wrap machines offer extra protection to your shipments and can easily secure multiple packages to one pallet.  Stretch Wrap machines are automated so you can perform other tasks while the machine takes care of securing your shipment

Strapping Machines
Strapping machines make it easy to secure your shipments to a pallet.  Strapping machines can also be used to secure two or more packages together or stabilize packages onto pallets for a more organized look to your inventory.  

Floor Machines
Proper floor care is important for maintaining a professional appearance. It also helps to prevent safety hazards that could lead to expensive repair costs.

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